I’m every day more and more excited about my intercultural experiences in Kassel. A long journey ended yesterday, even though I’d say, it is just the beginning.
For the last 6 months, a team of 20 international students in Kassel, from 17 different countries, got together to learn (about) intercultural communication and competence. An amazing group of students, motivated, responsible, highly engaged, straight forward, with a rich intercultural background – each of them enriched our project remarkably! We took the innitiative, found a great trainer – the best I met so far in this area and the best I’ve met so far in any area in Germany – got some financial support from the university and here we go!
For me it was an amazing experience! We learned to understand intercultural communication by doing this, by getting out on the campus in small multicultural teams, interacting with people, discussing with them, analyzing, sharing, etc. etc. We connected their experiences with ours and put together a great documentary film. It is a short film prepared to explore the theme of cultural interaction between German and international students at the University of Kassel.


Meet More, Mix More from Carmen Muresan on Vimeo.

Maybe this project ended, but to me, it just opened new doors, gave me new ideas and an area I am highly motivated to further explore.

Wish you all wonderful intercultural experiences and let’s “meet more, mix more”!

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