I almost forgot how beautiful it is to travel by train to Bonn on the side of the Rhein, watching the ships passing by, admiring the castles in the sunset, driving through pretty German villages, almost smelling the aroma of the grapes in the vine yards on the “Rheinhang” and eventually getting to the Loreley rock.

It’s been one year since I was in Bonn, but last time, it was a great time. I keep remembering
  • the people, who are as helpful and talkative as I don’t really experience in Nordhessen,
  • the Rhein-Promenade, where I love to walk in the mornings, watching people jogging, riding, inline skating, while I just enjoy the sun rise and perhaps doing some stuff… (like now writing this post)
  • the friendly employees in the Romanian embassy 
  • and even the people in the organisation I was visiting for a job interview, because I still think they are very nice, but not my type 🙂

Rhein this morning
Today I’m back, in my new role, but for another purpose,  and in Bonn… nothing changed.
I’m sitting on the terrace of Rheinpavillon on the Rhein-Promenade; there’s not much going on, people are walking by in a quite relaxed manner… birds are flying around, there’s a bee giving me a hard time… but she is a “bönnsche” bee 🙂

I like this place. There better be a good reason for me not living in Bonn today 🙂

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