The former underground main station in Kassel is open and it’s hosting several sound and visual installations. At the same time it’s telling a story itself: it opened in 1968, the year of documenta4 (the last documenta of inventor Arnold Bode) connecting the city to the region. It closed in 2005 (2 years before I arrived in Kassel). Since then regional teains are no more entering the city.
The view is quite desolate, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Getting back to the day light, I was in a totally new place for a while. I haven’t been here before… until I walked few steps further. And suddenly it get’s to me: it’s Ottostraße! The building ahead of me is the house that accommodated me during my first 6 months in Kassel. Puji and Phuong, I hope you’re reading this and remember our wonderful time here. I can’t believe I walked in and out that house and never turned this way… well, it looked quite creepy. Luckily 10 years later documenta took me here. I’ll come back.

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