Ladies and Gentlemen,
we are proud to present…
the INCHER-Kassel-volleyball-team!!!!! *Tuturuuuhhh*

Last week at the biggest sport event of the University of Kassel, UNI in Bewegung, our team of hard working young higher education researchers participate at the volleyball tournament, being one of the 10 participating teams.

Young teams, old teams, beginners and advanced players came together to show what they were training for during the last year.

After 3 won games of 4 in the preliminary round, our ego was higher then our nose could reach it. The intermediate round was… let me say… not bad and brought us into the small final, playing for the 3rd place.

Perhaps our ego was flying to high and left us, because we won the 4th place.
Not bad? No, very good! We are all proud of our guys and girls and congratulate them hereby!

Wanna see them? Take a look here!

Today, training starts again! I’m IN 😉
Wish you all a sporty day!

4 Replies to “Sports time”

  1. heyyyy new Update!!! Congratulation for the 4th place. but i didn’t see you play in the pics. so I guess you’re the manager of the team.. or Trainerin maybe? 😀

  2. Thank you! The team was really good.
    Hihi, I was the manager, the supporter, the cheerleader… everything else than player. But somebody had to take the good pictures 😀

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