In spite of the amazing weather in Kassel at the beginning of august, or as the Austrians would say “Kaiserwetter”[1], I decided to spend my summer holidays again in Austria this year. I say again, because I do this for the last 2 or 3 years and few winters before. But since my brother, known as MM, and Alexandra recently moved to Vienna (I still say recently, even though it’s more than one year ago), I use to travel quite often to visit them. Even though my project “once a month to Vienna” was not quite successful, I made it on average one every two months, which is not so bad either. Everything is a good reason for that: holidays, own birthday, friend’s birthday, friends want to visit Vienna, attended conference, not-attended conference, meeting mum, meeting dad, eating Apfelstrudel, playing with Eusebiu :))
And visiting my brother and Alexandra, of course!

Therefore I was entitled to receive a warm welcome on their white board:

And yes, except of the fact that they recognized my mayorship on their apartment, they did not hesitate to make fun of me not using Facebook at that time… the whole day, and the day after, and the other days as well. About that, it was a little weird not to be able to contact people, to check the message history about stuff that is important in my daily life, to share stuff, to see what people share (some people). What I did not miss, was the information overload. But then I said, I can restart my blog; and then Alexandra made a point: how are you going to promote your blog?

Back to being out of Kassel: Being in Vienna is quite cool… just think about the Wiener Melange, the Sachertorte, the Apfelstrudel mit Schlagobers, the Germknödel, the delicious Palatschinken, the great Kebab from Lamm and the great Ottakringer Radler Johannisbeere. I see, I am talking about food and drinks only. Well, I think I passed the time when I was amazed by the buildings which look quite impressive, the language that sound like the German my grandma taught me, the people who are not always grumpy, the non-existing mountains (no, you can’t be amazed by that), the city atmosphere, going shopping on MaHü (no, actually you can’t get bored of this), the night life in MQ, the night life outside MQ, and I think much much more. 
But when you go to Vienna, you should also learn to “act like a local”[2] :
1. Be grumpy, or maybe look grumpy in order to fit in, but actually you and the Viennese don’t have any reason to be grumpy.
2. Spend hours in a cafe and not any cafe, but try Cafe Havelka, or other traditional Viennese cafes.
3. Treat the waiter as a king, because he IS the king and he acts like that. Call him Herr Ober and don’t **** him off, even when you sit couple of hours there.
4. Drink G’spritzer… everything: wine, juice, just mix it with water. It doesn’t taste very good, but it’s refreshing.
5. Order a Krügerl or a Seidl. It’s the same like ordering Melange instead of Milchkaffee… it’s basically just to make them understand you right away and be less grumpy.
6. Enjoy the smokers paradise… for those who need it.
7. Eat a Schnitzel, and Schweinsbraten with Semmelknödel and Kraut, Tafelspitz, Knödel mit Ei, Gulash…
8. Eat a Sacher cake in any cafe, it’s simply delicious.
9. Eat a Frankfurter Würstl with Kren and Senf and don’t ask why they call them Frankfurter and not Wiener Würstl like the Germans do.
Servas! 😉


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